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Our Weather Policy covering your inflatable hire 

When we accept a booking we do so in good faith. We have to follow strict safety guidelines to ensure the safety of persons using our products and the people around them. We reserve the right to cancel or amend your booking if the forecast is dangerous to ensure the safety of everyone.


We cannot and will not set up and hire our equipment when the wind speed and wind gusts are predicted to be over 24 mph. This is the maximum speed we are allowed to operate within. 

We are always monitoring the weather forecasts and current weather conditions. If we feel that the current conditions and/or forecast will affect your booking we will do everything to come up with a solution.

If we think your booking may be affected we will initially give you an email upon booking explaining the situation. If the forecast does not change then we will call you the day priory to your event and find a solution. 

These solutions may include:

  • See if you would like to move your booking to another date

  • Move your booking indoors

  • Cancel your booking

Safety is our first priority. Please understand that if the weather does affect your booking, we will do the best we can to come up with a solution. We do not want you to think we are trying to spoil your day. This is not the case. Firstly every ones safety comes first and secondly our insurance will not be valid if we operate in dangerous conditions.

If you have a booking and it is cancelled we will issue a refund straight away. Please note if you have used payment methods such as card then your refund may take longer to appear in your account. This is not our end as we issue a refund straight away.

Thank you for understanding that your child's & everyone else's safety comes before anything else.